the minison zine Submissions

Submission Periods are as follows:
April 15th – July 31st
August 15th – November 30th
December 15th – March 31st

Our projects run on a triannual schedule, each releasing issues three times a year.

the minison zine issues will be published on the 14th of every April, August, and December.

Submissions for this project will be open on a semi-rolling basis, closed only during the first (1st) through the fourteenth (14th) of April, August, and December.

These issues only publish our specific minimal sonnet form of poetry and traditional sonnets.

If you’re looking to submit to TMP Magazine instead, click here.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our Guidelines and what we accept (below) before submitting to the minison zine.


  • NEW: Good old-fashioned sonnets. Original work only!
  • NEW: Artwork, Illustrations, or Photography inspired by classical sonnets.
  • Minisons – single, plural, visual, conceptual, long-form (eg. 14 lines, 14 letters per line), mystical, natural, emoji, translations, or anything at all that encapsulates the spirit of a minimal sonnet! If you are still a bit confused, give our recent issues a quick peruse!
  • 14 Word Fiction – Stories that are fourteen words long.
  • 14 Sentence Fiction – Stories that are fourteen sentences long.
  • Artwork, Illustrations, or Photography of minison poetry (found or otherwise) or groups of fourteen found out in the world. (e.g. on the side of a WESTERN EXPRESS eighteen-wheeler, or a patch of 14 pumpkins.)
  • Artwork, Illustrations, or Photography that go well with the theme (if applicable.)
  • Simultaneous Submissions – but please let us know immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere!


  • Minisons, related poetry, and fiction:
    • Attach up to 3 pieces in a single .DOC, or .DOCX format. (If we cannot read your piece we will automatically reject it.)
    • Poetry should be previously unpublished.
    • Each piece should begin on a new page.
  • Artwork, illustrations or photography:
    • Attach up to 5 images total as separate, high resolution .jpeg files.
    • Images should be previously unpublished.
    • Identify image in the file name (e.g. Title in the style of a minison or a brief description of the image.)
  • Sonnets and related art:
    • Shakespearean, Petrarchan, or Spenserian Sonnet Format (need more information?)
    • Attach up to 3 sonnets in a single .DOC, or .DOCX formatPoetry should be previously unpublished
    • Artwork, illustrations, and photography:
      • Attach up to 5 images total as separate, high resolution .jpeg files Images should be previously unpublished
    • Each poem should begin on a new page
    • Identify image in the file name by what classical sonnet inspired the piece (e.g. ‘Sonnet 26,’ Shakespeare or ‘Death, Be Not Proud,’ John Donne)
  • We do not accept submissions that contain graphic sexual content, gratuitous violence/gore, or work that is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, or ableist.
  • Copyright for your work remains with you. We do ask however, that contributors credit The Minison Project if their work is republished after first appearing in our issues, and we reserve the right to republish your work in future collections.
  • The Minison Project does not charge fees to submit poems to the magazine.
  • We are currently an unpaying market, but we do promote contributor work on our social medias.