Let’s Talk: MFA’s with Jared Beloff

Welcome to the first video podcast of the Let’s Talk Series! This Let’s Talk, we have a discussion with published poet (and repeat contributor) Jared Beloff about his thoughts on whether or not a writer needs an MFA to be successful. You can follow Jared on Twitter: @Read_Instead

Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Melissa Martini

Melissa Ashley HernandezMarch 17th, 2021 Melissa Martini received her Master’s degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing from Seton Hall University. Her fiction has previously appeared in Zanna Magazine, Jalada Africa’s “Bodies” anthology, Camas Magazine, and Analogies and Allegories; her flash fiction has previously appeared in Pretty Owl Poetry, Bandit Fiction, and DimeContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Melissa Martini”

Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Lorelei Bacht

Melissa Ashley HernandezMarch 16th, 2021 Lorelei Bacht is a published fiction writer and poet. She was a Junior Editor for a branch of a major French publisher and co-edited two (now defunct) literary journals, Moveable Feasts and Spoke. The publishing world is constantly changing, and social media has become the forefront of a poet’s marketingContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Lorelei Bacht”

Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Sabina Khan-Ibarra

Melissa Ashley HernandezMarch 17th, 2021 Sabina Khan-Ibarra is a writer and an educator. She is a recent San Francisco State University Graduate with an MFA in Creative Writing. Her work can be found in The Minison Project’s Sonnet Collection Series; anthologies by iō Literary journal, Mainstreet Rag Bookstore, and White Cloud’s Faithfully Feminist. She isContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Sabina Khan-Ibarra”