Let’s Talk: How Instapoetry Functions

Ada Wofford, Senior EditorApril 30th, 2021 Part Five             In our last installment we look at how exactly Instapoetry functions, what new trails are being blazed, and wrap up with a final conclusion. I hope you enjoyed this series and that you found some of the information presented here useful. A full bibliography can beContinue reading “Let’s Talk: How Instapoetry Functions”

Let’s Talk: Criticisms of Instapoetry

Ada Wofford, Senior EditorApril 22nd, 2021 Part Four             In this installment, I look at some of the criticisms of Instapoetry, including my own. I also pull from establish critics and academics, such as James Longenbach, because I want to illustrate the broader conversation on poetry that I am participating in when I write aboutContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Criticisms of Instapoetry”

Let’s Talk: Rupi Kaur and Instapoetry

Ada Wofford, Senior EditorApril 16th, 2021 Part Three             Rupi Kaur is easily the most famous Instapoet in the world. A 2018 article in The Atlantic titled, “How Instagram Saved Poetry,” explores Rupi Kaur’s immense success and the new direction of poetry: Rupi Kaur is a case study in how dramatically the world of poetryContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Rupi Kaur and Instapoetry”

Let’s Talk: Alt-Lit

Ada Wofford, Senior EditorApril 7th, 2021 Part Two             Alt-Lit was born out of blog and Tumblr culture in the late ’00s. Although this culture began online and had an international reach, it’s primary physical location would have to be New York. The genre references internet culture heavily, often eschewing capitalization and punctuation; the wayContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Alt-Lit”

Let’s Talk: Rupi Kaur, Instapoetry, and The Academy

Ada Wofford, Senior EditorApril 7th, 2021 Part One: Introduction             Last year I published two articles in a lit mag called The Blue Nib about contemporary poetry. The first centered around Rupi Kaur and the genre of Instapoetry (poetry published via the social media platform of Instagram). The article is essentially a close reading ofContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Rupi Kaur, Instapoetry, and The Academy”

Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Melissa Martini

Melissa Ashley HernandezMarch 17th, 2021 Melissa Martini received her Master’s degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing from Seton Hall University. Her fiction has previously appeared in Zanna Magazine, Jalada Africa’s “Bodies” anthology, Camas Magazine, and Analogies and Allegories; her flash fiction has previously appeared in Pretty Owl Poetry, Bandit Fiction, and DimeContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Melissa Martini”

Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Lorelei Bacht

Melissa Ashley HernandezMarch 16th, 2021 Lorelei Bacht is a published fiction writer and poet. She was a Junior Editor for a branch of a major French publisher and co-edited two (now defunct) literary journals, Moveable Feasts and Spoke. The publishing world is constantly changing, and social media has become the forefront of a poet’s marketingContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Lorelei Bacht”

Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Sabina Khan-Ibarra

Melissa Ashley HernandezMarch 17th, 2021 Sabina Khan-Ibarra is a writer and an educator. She is a recent San Francisco State University Graduate with an MFA in Creative Writing. Her work can be found in The Minison Project’s Sonnet Collection Series; anthologies by iō Literary journal, Mainstreet Rag Bookstore, and White Cloud’s Faithfully Feminist. She isContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Instapoetry with Sabina Khan-Ibarra”