Issue 13

Minimal Sonnets
September 14, 2021

Note from the EIC: It is with great love that I publish this Issue, as it pays homage to Tom Snarsky and Jo Ianni’s first iteration of the zine, a site on Neutral Spaces (hosted so graciously by Giacomo Pope) that showcased hundreds of minimal sonnets from all over the world. Although this one is much smaller, I hope you can enjoy this recall to our humble beginnings.

the miniaturistTom Snarsky
half-worms, aliveJack Hartley
brutes be betterAnkur Jyoti Saikia
i forgot my namesCharlie D’Aniello
Clawed storming.Rhianna Levi
Of numbered daysOormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
without my doubtAleah Dye
ducks duck or dipAnkur Jyoti Saikia
a bee on my fingerShine Ballard
my mind an apiarySanjana Ramanathan
tenderly mendedAmy Theobald Ross
Full in fourteenPramod Subbaraman
(No more dreaming)Sadie Maskery
bench press tuneAlan Bern
Twist mortal lawOormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
i can’t refuse youShine Ballard
Two hands to hellAndrea Schrosk
Oyster Time, Karin Hedetniemi
Such little liesSadie Maskery
soak’d w/ bled neonJack Hartley
unhaply unmasktAlan Bern
my funeral todayAlana Greene
hypotheticals?Charlie D’Aniello
my useless brainShine Ballard
Ἀχιλλεύς healedSanjana Ramanathan
and now I am yoursAlana Greene
Syrup sun kisses.Rhianna Levi
cat chase SundayAleah Dye
anomalous gloomCharlie D’Aniello
shatter closetsAnkur Jyoti Saikia
Minimalism winsPramod Subbaraman
winging your wayAmy Theobald Ross
Lotus seed houseAndrea Schrosk
Apex, God complexOormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
Erotic? Oh. Why not?Sadie Maskery
Tattoo Parlor, Karin Hedetniemi
You Are Here, Karin Hedetniemi
Cosmic currencyAndrea Schrosk
Life lures limbo.Rhianna Levi
Jacuzzi fuzzboxClem Flowers
peachmango girlJack Hartley
deluge of desireAnkur Jyoti Saikia
the boy resoluteAmy Theobald Ross
creativity in 14Pramod Subbaraman
hands are stickyJack Hartley
moonbled nightsSanjana Ramanathan
glass heart, mindAleah Dye
death doesn’t dieAnkur Jyoti Saikia
be contrariwiseShine Ballard
add drunk kissesAlan Bern
red-tinted livesCharlie D’Aniello
as ginseng singsSanjana Ramanathan
Cold to the lightOormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
sowbug paintingJack Hartley
Minison Parking Only, Karin Hedetniemi
Callous calling.Rhianna Levi
love’s retreatsAlan Bern
eyelashes a giftAleah Dye
snowglobe stormAlana Greene
flyweight boxerAmy Theobald Ross
good constraintPramod Subbaraman
Jaded by time, rotOormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad
I hate you, my love.Sadie Maskery
me, a sullen ghostCharlie D’Aniello
Silly wild child…Sadie Maskery
nosinim minisonAlan Bern
abacus chitchatSanjana Ramanathan
bang AND whimperAlana Greene
thunder unrollsShine Ballard
#14 is fantasticPramod Subbaraman
step bold as blueAmy Theobald Ross
a small thank youAleah Dye

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